11 year child complains of itching in gland pennis for 1 month. plz comment.



Dr.Sapcota....What do you think of today's child (.a 12 yr old has become youngest father!!).it could have been sodomised...Imagine media attack impact on the psyche ....mobile movies expletives sahasranamam is first learnt at 4 from back of parents maids and school.. They know more about Sunny rakhi Vidya Phoolan than you and me Have you heard them talk amongst themselves....? You will be shocked..See the types of dresses and their perfect dress sense...You I have been wearing what our brothers have worn or parents have bought...today parents must buy what the want There was love respect and fear of parents...I remember If a guest comes and if we are not needed...Fr.wd look at us and just say OK....and next minute we have left the room Have guts to tell your kids? ...!be a doctor but think like a sleuth....viginity is lost in an avg.teen like usa

U r absolutely right sir.

Sir its candidiasis balanitis....acc. to symptom lichen planus and eczema can be trigger d itching complains. So first rule out past history- for eg.. (Suffering any derma related disease),, infections like( bacterial, fungal),, phimosis etc... Tt... If bacterial... U can suggest d some antihistamines, antibiotics and topical antibiotics oint. If fungal... U can suggest anti histamines, antifungal tab, and topical antifungal cream. Keep maintain d hygeine also.

Balanitis due to poor hygiene cause mixed infections fungal and gram neg. Bacteria

Local application of Panchatikta Ghrita can help.... what you have planned @Dr. Samir Sapcota sir?

Balinitis due to fungal or bacterial infection. Advice maintain proper hygiene. Nit ac 30 weekly one dose

That's fungal infection, having various types of causes..! In Homoeopathy, Our first medicine may be -- Merc sol 30 /thrice in a day for 4 days. Complementery medicine may be - Acid Nitric 6 /twice in a day for 7 days.

Balanitis....guide...genital hygiene Is the boy masturbating ( trying to itch or learnt From others. )..then think of Staph...but rule out DM

Child is 11 years no ? Of masturbation

Marc Sol-30 helpful medicine

साफ सफाई का ध्यान रखें,gudedarm for local application for 5 dey Tab citariz 10 1/2 BD for 5 dey

Wash daily N apply coconut oil with Kapoor.

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