11 yr old girl complains of fever since 1 week, severe headache over temporal region since 2 days on examination child is febrile,conscious,irritable,inconsalable other examination normal?

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brain abscess oval shape surrounded by oedema.manage with mannitol,corticosteroids,vancomycin and neurosurgical consult required for surgical drainage..

brain abscess... Rule out tuberculoma as well...

To rule out brain abscess /sol. MRI and MRS will throw more light. Also tuberculoma should be borne in mind. Cardiac evaluation is normal? TOF/IE may favour abscess

Brain abscess with edema anti edema measure,iv fluids and surgical intervention I don't think so she need steroids hence pts is having fever

SOL / Brain abscess. Need CECT or MRI. Any H/o Ear discharge/pain?

Brain abscess surrounded by edema

Brain abscess with edema

Brain abscess with edema

SOL/brain abscess

Brain abscess

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