Pregnant 13 weeks. evolution history of 1 year, which worsened during pregnancy. Histopathology confirmed the presence virus HPV.. suggest management??


genital warts spreads by sexual contact. Cant be cured but treatment may help. Self diagnostic. Tt includes local applications like podofilox TCA or aldara surgical includes cryotherapy excision electrosurgery and laser surgery.
genital warts

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cryotherapy or electrocautry can be given during pregnancy After delivery podophylin can be applied Warts cant be cured so explain recurrent course of the disease If active lesions are there at full term then do lscs Improve immunity of the patient
During pregnancy, podophyllin is contraindicated. Electrocautery can b tried....
Nise topic Dr. Madhu Verma WARTS themselves don't cause any complications in pregnancy. So observation is best in case of small lesions. But in larger one safe procedures like CRYOSURGERY RF CAUTERY LASER CHEMICAL procedures and medicines should not do during pregnancy.
Looks like genital warts For removal cryosurgery should be done If persist at term also than plan for C section for mode of delivery to prevent herpetic infection to the baby
Thuja-200 daily one dose in the morning. Externally Thuja ontment. Helpful even to maintain the preg.
single dose of Thuja is extremely effective in doing all the things what is expected from it subsequent each dose rather hamper its action - this experience is million time tested. Hope u wont be angry with me. Thanks
Due to sexual contact the genital warts spreads. Only Rx may help. Surgery is the best option
No TCA or PODOPHYLLIN during pregnancy. Cryo & RF cautery safe options
Tca can b applied during pregnancy Cryotherapy can also b done
Tca 10% or more conc
Molluscom Contagiosum. Apply 10% TCAA after expressing.
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