Ganglion cyst ?

plz read full case ....n suggest med .. pt-54/male date -23/04/20 #CHIEF COMPLAINTS- Cyst on lateral of darsal part of left lower leg*15-20 days painless,hard,non mobile ganglion cyst ? ODP- PT KO LAGTA HAI ....WO ROJ LAGATAR 12-14 GHANTE BETHA RAHA/DAY ...AUR JIS PART PR CYST HAI ...WO LAGATAR JAMIN KE SAMPARK ME RAHA ...DHIRE DHIRE WO PART HARD BLAKISH HO GAYA ...AUR FIR SIZE INCRESE HUYI N THEN FINALLY IT CONVERT IN CYST BUILT- average...54 kg APPETITE-satisfied 3times/day DESIRE-sour,spicy THIRST-2-3 lit/day URINR-transparent,no burning STOOL-satisfied once /day SLEEP- 8 hous /night ADDICTION-tobacco *30 yrs ALLERGY- no allergy THERMAL STATE-HOT....Fan n blanket are required also in summer ....if there are 2 rooms one cold another hot ...then pt choose cold room clears that is HOT patient FAMILY HISTORY-mother -dm PAST HISTORY-eye operation about1982 admitted for jaundice *jan2009 MIND- ANGER-accoroding to pt jab koi ichha ki viruddh kare tab ata hai ...5 min rehta hai ...fir wo gusse ko pi jata hai (suppressed anger?)aur sant ho jata hai WEEPING- PT kbhi nhi roya ...even his mother's death to bahut hota hai ro nhi skta Suppressed weeping? LIKE IN NATURE - jungal me rehna pasand hai ...sant environment me TALKATIVE - jab samne koi bolne vala hoo CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HIS WIFE- me apni patni k bina nhi reh skta ...wo ho to acha lagta hai ...agar wo chali jaye to aesa lagta hai jesi ki koi khot ho rhi ho .....



I shall go with Calc.Iod.10m followed by later on keep in mind Ruta and Staph. too.
Thank you doctor
I like to suggest acid fluor. PleaseThink about acid fluor, it may be helpful
c f 6x .4tab tds with ruta 1m one dose weekl for 3 month.
Medo 200 (1) dose.... C. F 12x 4 pills 7 days tds...
1) Cal fl 1M 2) Benz ac. 6
Rx Cal Flour.
Con mac
Inthis case patient wants to cover even during summer,anger suppression,anger from contradiction, clinging
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Coniummet 200 Cale Flour 6x Up To 200 is Best.
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