What are the most indicated medicines for Asthma? Should we go for specifics or constitutional ?


I always prefer Constitutional in chronic cases. Most of the asthma cases are sycotic in origin, so anti sycotic medicines like Nat sulp, Thuja, pulsatilla are good. Other medicines like ars, Ipecac,Kali carb,Kali ars etc. are helpful Medicins, but selection should be always on Constitution.
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Genetic Cardiac Asthma *BACILLINUM 200 is Best. * Natrum Sulph, Aspedossparma 0, * Aralia Resimosa 0, Blata Ori 0, Bromium200, *Carboveg 30, No Specific Asthma Medicine. Need Case History Taken &Syn & Symptom Selected Only One Medicine.
Constitutional medicine works well in chronic asthamatic cases ..along with some bio chemic medicines ..like nat sulp , kali mur , kali bich .. Blatta Q is helpful in sudden acute case . Spongia , Antim tart , Ars alb u can use as specific .
Til tail mixed with sandav namak apply on whole chest and do mild svedan . 2 swashkudar ras 3 kafketuras 4 kanakasav 20 ml with equal quanity of water 5 sitopladi churan and talishadi churan
In Ayurveda kaphaketu Rasa Shwasa Kuthar Rasa Talisadi Churna

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