An 8-year-old boy with marasmus presented with poor vision. abnormalities in the eyes. diagnose?


Old healed corneal ulcer forming pigmented corneal opacity suggesting fungal etiology
Xeropthalmia patient suffer from malnutrition so much chance of vita-A deficiency
Corneal xerosis with ulceration due to bit A deficiency.
Xerophthalmia Vitamin a deficiency
Keratomalacia Inj vit A Eye pad
Vitamin A deficiency
vitamin A levels should be known ,bring them to normal levels after that keratoplasty for the left eye to be planned other wise the grafted cornea will also melts n get keratomalacia
pigmented lucomatous corneal opacity. Reinforce vet A and other deficiencies with proper doses advised by pedriatic neutritianist then plan penetrating keratoplasty.
Healed stage of keratomalacia with associated complications. Cornea totally protruded in right eye and sclerized & vascularized in both eyes.
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