26 y.o female with a history of irregular menstrual cycles came with acute abdominal symptoms and vaginal bleeding. BP of 70/40 mmHg and severe pallor; abdominal examination revealed guarding and tenderness in both iliac fossae and hypogastrium, while rectal examination revealed pain at the pressure of the pouch of Douglas. At ultrasound scan, corpusculated free fluid was detected. Laboratory test showed haemoglobin level of 10,1 g/dl. At vaginal examination, there was cervical tenderness with fullness in posterior fornix. Can you give your comments from the image?



Ruptured ectopic pregnancy near cornu with hemperitoneum. Case reflects importance of Urine pregnancy test in reproductive age group especially wome having irregular menses
Yes ruptured ectopic pregnancy O/E Severe cervical pain on PV exam Iliac fossa will be tender & muscle guard Very often there will be h/o fainting
Left image is of ectopic pregnancy Right image is after resection of ectopic pregnancy ahet complete hemostasis is achieved
Extra uterine pregnency and is ruptured..causing internal bleeding led to hypotension. More over Uterine Polyps are seen.
Typical of Ruptured Ectopic pregnancy. Triad of acute abdomen (abd pain) Fainting due to Hypotension Cervical tenderness
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy with hemoperitoneum Is it cornual pregnancy
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy.cx tenderness+hypotension+pain in abdomen.
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy Cervical erosion Uterine polyp
Acute ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Laparotomy done for that
??? Cornual Ectopic pregnancy. Hemoperitoneum
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