12 wk gestation having itching n white discharge for t last 10 days n having this type of lesion ...plz suggest diagnosis n treatment.




Dr. P Chaudhary, The visual shows multiple linear and horizontal cuts could be traumatic or scratch Marks. Because here it looks healthy ulcer bases. So evaluate the case by doing...all routine tests and HIV, VDRL and HCV to ruled out the cause.

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Looks like STD .... Check her HIV , HBsAg, VDRL , HCV status .... As patient is antenatal don't advice any medication without confirmation ........ Better to give symptomatic local treatment only, till confirmation .......

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Vulva looks edematous with excoriation Do blood sugar vaginal swab from culture Hbsag HIV Vdrl. Treat with oral antibiotics and local pessary and cream and anti allergic.

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Multiple ulcers with scratch and denudation of skin, vulvovaginal candiasis could not be ruled out as candidial white flakes may be there, Trichomoniasis is to be confirmed by wet preparation. History of itching if present and this appearance is for mixed vulvovaginitis Treatment line should be Hygiene,keep the area dry(use candid soap and dusting powder),oral antibiotics (DOXY/LOXOF/AZITHRO/Clindamycin) +Metrogyl400-bdpc for 14days Oral Fluconazole 150-OD For 10 days or Fluconazole cream or Clotrimazole vaginal gel Oral Antihistamines Pessaries usually do not help in this acute stage due to non compatibility of use A similar case is there with me and I am sending it's photo

Vulvovaginal candida sis with secondary bacterial infection due to itching, Inj. Benzathen penicillin 12 lacs, Metronidazole, fluconazole, antihistamine,

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Well, so much being said & done,I’d humbly like to add a few things. The history could have been elaborate. Age, social & economic status, occupation. Any previous STD,use of any medicine either local or systemic. The lesions look erosive& oedematous. What was the primary lesion like. What’s the discharge like. Take a smear from the discharge. Look for candida & wet preparation for Trichomonas. In addition do the necessary STD profile & rule out gestational diabetes. Usually gestational diabetes starts around second trimester. So, do a full diabetic investigation too & report with results. Now for the time being give antihistamines. Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Most likely vulvovaginal candidiasis . Local vaginal antifungal cream / pessary with vaginal wash , antiallergic tab & investigations for STD & HIV with vaginal seab culture if no response Although ulcers seems to beof scratch possiblity of herpes ulcers shd bekept in mind if painful

Hepatic ulceration of labia minora.

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Looks like vulvovaginal fungus infection. Check for diabetes Treat with anti histamine, local antifungal cream twice daily for two weeks, keep the area dry.

May be STD . Do VDRL, HIV, Blood Sugar ,HBsAg. Treat with Antibiotics, and local pessary & cream along with anti allegic drugs.

Vulval ulceration.... r/o STD.. (Local application of gynodaktarin gel if white discharge nd excessive itching present )

Herpes simplex with ulcer formation

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