12 year old boy having having this type infection around mouth and back and leg This lesion having watery discharge Plz advise to diagnosis and appropriate tx



Impetigo contagiosum Rx. 1. Cephalexin 50mg per kg in two doses for 10days 2. Topical mupirocin application twice a day . 3. Hydroxizine 2mg / kg / day in three divided doses for itching if present. 4. Trimming of the nails to prevent scratching and spreading the lesions to other areas of the body. 5. Personal hygeine of body and clothes simultaneously to be maintained

Impetigo Amoxyclav tab. Mupirocin skin cream locally.

Impetigo contagiousum Management.. Azithromycin 250 of x 5 days Levocetirezine OD x 5 days Locally oint mupirocin / Fucidin

impetigo contagiosum , tab Amoxyclav 375 BD along with topical mupirocin oint

Thanku sir

ImpetigoRx azithromycin250mg once daily for5days and local fucibact ointtwice daily for 7days.

Thanks sir Can I use cap cephalexin 250 BD

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Impetigo contagiosa Amox clav oral T bact cream LA

Impetigo contagiosa,tab sephalexin 250mg four times a day for 5 days,local mupirocin nsaid,

Impetigo contgiosum Tab-ATM 250 od for 5days Carecin skin cream for local application

Impetigo contagiosum

Impetigo contagiosm

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