12 year old boy with swelling and pain in right eye since 3 days . no treatment taken so far. imagine his mother was applying this as a treatment modality. any guesses? also diagnosis and treatment?



Hordeolum internum involving rt upper lid. There is also smaller hordeolum internum in lower lid near lateral canthus : My opinion is different , as Majority drs have replied the lesion to be stye (external hordeolum). There is extensive edema of upper lid from medial to lateral canthus . In external hordeolum (stye) , the lid Edema will not be so extensive & will be localized around the infected hair follicle, & this is an important differentiating point between the internal & external hordeolum . In our area pts apply "sindoor" ( the saffron coloured oily powder which is applied to Lord hanuman ) or fountain pen ink or iron rust or even cow dung as the Rx for this. Rx : * Tab Ampicillin with cloxacillin 500mg tid x 7 to 1o days. *Tab.Paracetamol with diclofenac tid x 7 to 10 days. * Tobramycin , chloramphenicol with polymyxin , moxifloxacin e/ drops 1 &half hrly x 7 days , then , 2hrly x 7days , then 3hrly x7days. * Hot fomentations bid x4 days. * I & D of abscess sos.

Chalazion—- patient is using sindoor Treatment Sponge with lukeworm water swabs , Apply ciplox eye ointment on lid margin and surface press chalazion between thumb and fore finger slightly twice daily , ibubrufenf 600mg twice day

looks like holi colour...in Tamil nadu people will routinely apply breast milk and even hen's blood to treat any kind of eye redness/injury !!! This looks like a stye which has led to preseptal cellulitis ? need to check pupil and eom to rule out optic neuritis as well (just to be sure) . along with hot fomentation and topicsl antibiotics, better to start oral amoxyclav 375mg bd for 5 days as well.

thats new to me.. glad u shared..

Stye with cellulitis, advised antibiotics, analgesics & antibiotic eye drops. Check refractive error.


some more guesswork..

Hardeolum internum

? nail polish it's a stye AC infection or meibomian n Zeiss gland tt hot fomentation thrice oral antibiotic amoxyclav TDs analgesic thrice topical antibiotic

sir use of analgesic twice or thrice?

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it appears like sindhur..... diagnosis : hordeolum externum. treatment : hot fomentation , cap amox- 500mg/ tid: analgesic & anti inflammatory tab/ tid.

Cilicia 30, Markwave 30, Rustax 30 Ten tablets of magnesia sulf 3 in a cup of water soaked in cotton.

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