12 years old girl presented with vague complaints of pain in abdomen. X-ray KUB and usg reports are attached. Please suggest the treatment in centers where endoscopic treatment is not available.

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Staghorn calculus rt in pelvocalyceal system Hydroureteronephrosis Tx ECWL or PCNL

Right partial staghorn calculus... Needs PCNL..open nephrolithotomy if endoscopy not available..complete clearance is important and send stone for analysis ..look for metabolic causes or infective pathology

USG report says Kidney no stones no hydronephrosis and impressions say renal stones with hydronephrosis and the X-ray showed staghorn calculus. Such report can put a doctor in danger!

If RFT are normal. Do DMSA scan and decide accordingly. You may shift the patient to higher centres. Our plan has to save the kidney.

Rt stag horn calculus no hydronephrosis three ways urethroscopicaly with shunt pcnl lithotripsy all good ideal pcnl

Do hydrothetapy and normal stone removing treatment with antibiotic like amikacin zifi etc liq cital analgesic

Do Urine RAnd M Culture, Stool, CBC,LFT. Stone seems to be silent Other etiology should be kept in mind,

Ivp is first and must. Rental function test Urosurgeon is best person to treat this condition

Rt.renal R.O. staghorn calculus with posibility of Lt.renal radiolucent calculi Adv-IVP., CT

Calculus in upper calycx Staghorn calculus in renal pelvis Two calculi In lower calycx

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