12 yr f c/o rt submandibular lump 5×4 cm since 2 yrs.non tender,no fever no h/o contact with tuberculosis.h/o 5 month att by dots centre no response so stop att itself.reports attached @

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Dr. Satish sir. Thanks for tagging With pt ttd with att 5 no Mx test +ve FNAB s/o TB I think before restarting att better do lymphnode biopsy get histopathological examination nd genexpert test done on specimen. X-ray chest if done may help in establishing diagnosis.

12 yrs Rt submandibular lymphadenopathy No contact history ATT for 5 mon No response Consider 1. Drug resistant TB 2. Wrong diagnosis What can be done? Excision biopsy C x ray CBNAAT of excised specimen repeat MANTOUX with appropriate TU on another limb Thanks

Consider tb interferon gold as well as pcr for tuberculosis DNA in blood if negative go for excision biopsy

Interferon gold is no better than Mx test. Tubetculosis DNA in blood is not a sensitive test

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In favor of tb lyumphadenitis Xray Biopsy hp Xray chest Mt

Mx with 10 TU is not desirable and 12 years of very little use. An excision bx, and culture of the excised node can b done

FNAC or biopsy if possible. Send it for culture and sensitivity. Consider and rule out MDR cox

It's better to do excisional biopsy of the Donna similar lump...

Biopsy first...n based on the report...furtheranagement hs to be instituted

Even after ATT, no response..thn to confirm go for excision biopsy of the node. And histopathological examination will gv a def diagnosis

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