12 yr female child, having these lesions since 1 month associated with itching. plz advice dx and Rx?



This is Tinea cruris with secondary infection. Give tab terbenafine 250 once a day for 2 weeks and local application of some anti fungal cream with gentamicin combination for 5 days then switch to plain antifungal cream like clotrimazole for another 2 to 3 weeks.

Request to all Curofians, 1) Please don't mention brand names, we are not the brand ambassadors of those companies. 2) Stop Steroid abuse either topically or systemic. You may get temporary relief but that's going to change the disease scenario and confuse the next treating doctor who ever it may be, even Dermatologist. I have been repeatedly requesting all of you to stop Steroids abuse.

Absolutely right Sir, As per WHO guideline, have to write salt name not at all brand name...

Dr Deepak I agree with Dr Rashmi It's secondary infection, aggravated due to scratching by the child on the dominant hand side presenting with more lesions on one side. Do a stool examination, possible ascaris infestation with night itches. Treatment Antihistamines of your choice Fucidin cream in morning and metronidazole gel in night. Azithromycin syrup for 3 days

Please avoid steroid creams in intertriginous areas.

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IMPETIGO CONTAGIOSUM...Being a child ..These extensive lesions...indicate that this is just tip of the iceberg..do a cbc esr stool urine r/m. HbA1c...Cut down on sugar salt junk chocolates, bakery items...Counsel her on personal hygiene and tell her not to itch..instead just app any edible oil that suits her/ soothes her...

its a case if impatigo go for higher antibiotics like amoxy clav 375 de warming and some dusting powder

This is not Tinea Cruris. This is Impetigo. Personal hygiene Antibiotics locally Antibiotics systemic.

terbinaforce-250mg - 1od 14days Moxikind-cv325mg - 1bd 7days clostar-gm skin oniment

why would you give clobetasol in a lesion like this doc?

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My differential would be impetigo

she received megapen inj for 7 days somewhere outside.. plz advice next line of management.


resolving Impetigo looks like steroid based oint used ..antihistamines,mupirocin oint ,oral terbinafine deworming

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