12 yr m pt comes with red & swell tongue with pain (no other focus) plz sir suggest the DD & Treat



Red and swollen tongue ( srawberry tounge) often seen in children due to 1 Scarlet fever 2 Vit B12 def 3 Kawasaki diseases ( rarely)

Agree dr

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It doesn't look like a case of strawberry tongue of scarlet fever It may be due to deficiency of vitamin b complex deficiency in general and particularly vit B12 def. Rx. Candid mouth gel , and vit B supplements

Might be vitamin B12 deficiency or Mostly due to trauma/irritation from Calculus or teeth, burn due to hot food as said by Dr.Jacky Devmurari Tongue looks more ulcerous. Need proper history as mentioned by Dr.Fahad Al Sweleh Advice blood investigation B12 and take proper history. For pain prescribe analgesics and Local application of Dologel CT over the affected area.

Kindly get Haemoglobin and Immunodeficiency status checked.If the reports are within normal limits then treat with Vit B12 and other nutritional supplements.B.Donot neglect the blood tests

Ok sir.n thnx

Take the proper medical dental and drug history of the pt.... can be anything from drug reaction to herpetic leison...is it painful...go for tzanck test to confirm the viral pathology....if so put the pt on antiviral and will resolve in7-10 days...if allergic/drug reaction put the pt on steroids and gradually taper off the dose

Analgesic Dexona Remove irritation if prasant... Like calculus. Or sharp teeth

Magenta tongue vitb12

Does pt have systemic diseas? Does pt take any medication ?

Strawberry tongue. D/D 1. Scarlet fever 2. Vitamin B12 deficiency 3. Kawasaki disease


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