12 yr male with fever n loss of appetite since 1week. hb-9.9, Total count- 42,340, platelet-25,000. peripheral smear for evaluation



Acute leukemia

Examination findings... Any lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, any skin lesion, bleeding history. CT chest. Case look like T CELL LEUKEMIA / LYMPHOMA....

Dear doctor, this case was just sent for hb, tc, dc. After I found this picture I tried to call the treating doc but there was no response. Pt only gave history of fever since 1week, loss of appetite and loss of weight. No other details available. Im in touch with the pt attender. I I'll update once I get some details. Me too was thinking of acute leukemia of T cell origin.

Acute leukaemia , floret cells T/NK cell

Acute Leukemia

Acute Leukemia- ALL. Advised BMA & Flow cytometry.

Suggest.of Acute leukemia. Further work up to confirm and type it.BM BX Flowcytometry.

Acute leukemia

Thanks all for valuable opinion. V signed it out as acute leukemia. Adviced futher investigations like flowcutometry for confirmation and subtyping.

Acute leukemia

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