12 yrs male recurrent cough mt negative esr 27 eosinophils 07


Looking k/c of HRAD due to allergy Treat symptomatically Give tab Montelukast5mg at evening for 2mths. If recurrence occurred again and again start inhalers

Increased infiltrations rt lower zone. Rx. 1. Monteleukast + Levocetrizine 10mg OD for 1mth. 2. Expectorant such as acebrophylline 100mg twice daily for 10days

CXR NAD. Get Absolute Eosinophil count, Spirometry, and TIGE. Likely Airway hypersensitivity/ cough variant Asthma.

Dear dr Satish chest x-ray is wnl this could be viral or asthmatic cough examine and treat accordingly.

Thanx dr Satish Kumar

X-ray is WNL. Allergic bronchitis.Treat symptomatically

Adv PFT, see for reversible obstructive airway disorder.

Scan nad Must give albendazole along with other symptomatic medicines

Chest scan NAD.

Thanx and wellcome dr SatishKumar its my pleasure

Thank u sir, your blessings remain on me

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