5 yr male child having suddenly coplain of such black spot on rt cheek. No any past illness history No any medicine he takes No any other relevent history No pain No itching what it should be?


Melasma or hyperpigmentation, mainly due to sun exposure, any cosmetics or some hormonal imbalance.. Pls conSider whether its on left cheek Too, and their pattern is same or different.. Advice proper nutrition and avoid sun exposure.. Medication : give antipsoric medicine .. Regards
Its hyperpigmentation due to melanin secration. Its cause may be sun burn or injury. In unani system of medicine its called jalba e souda.
Tenia inf Rx tab fluconzole 50 mg weekly and antifungal cream aviod oil or cosmatic cream
r/o pityriasis...do a cbc..s ferritin...mostly self. limiting entity..endocrinopathy can b a distant possibility
although this may be dermatological condition, it is advisable to check the status of vitamin b12 as well.
its 100% case of sun burns . just apply sunscreen and also burns cream like ointment Burneel.
it can be hypermelanosis.... due to more secretion of melanin may be trigger by sunlight
random hyperpigmentation , should be better by applying a soothing skin moisturiser
it can b due to iron deficiency... how is the nutritional status of that boy
Hyperpigmentation sulphur 30one dose wait for some time.
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