12y/Female child, c/o hair loss in Rt eye brow... Dx & Rx..!?


Dermatophyte Infection (?) (Madarosis & hypopigmentation - rule of early leprosy)

Typo: Rule out

Alopecia Areata with tinea ... Apply tropical antifungal ( tolnafitate) only & deworm also wait & watch×2 to 3 wks If not cure ...then investigate for microbacterium lepra

D/D Pityriasis versicolor Leprosy early stage but there should be loss of sensation.

Tinea inf. Tab fluconzole topical n oral

Vitiligo with alopecia areata

Pityriasis Versicolor. ?

Local dermatophyte inf

Try antifungal cream

Tinea infection


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