12yr female ,with decreased platelets and high grade fever every alternate day ,after platelets transfusion no improvement ..pt. is asymptomatic except fever ,dengu test is negative ..plz clear the diagnosis..thanks

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Pancytopenia d/d includes Megaloblastic Anemia Tuberculosis Sarcoidosis Q fever Hypersplenism Viral fever Etc

PCM orally. Increased fluid intake and monitor platelets count. Go for MP and bone marrow examination. Stop medication till further investigations reports pour in. Constant monitoring required.

Thanks Dr Dileep.

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Treat as a case of.. VIRAL FEVER .. If fever persist OR increases..then.. Investigate with.. .BLOOD CBC ESR REPEAT MP WIDAL CSF Hbsag URINE ROUTINE EXPERTS OPINION..

Pancytopenia should be investigated with Bone marrow examination. Aplastic Anaemia one possibility. Review with reports.

R/o aplastic anemia

Treat as viral fever and also add Artisunate

Thanx dr Rajesh Yadav

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Clinical Dengue ..tranfuse Fresh plasma precipitate

The case is serious because platelets r gone below 12k. She needs intensive care

Do MP, Widal again Till treat as Viral fever

CBCshould be done. Repots for review are with in limits. If

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