12yrs/M reportedoy fell down from from 2nd floor.EMS arrives 15min post injury to find GCS4,Snoring respiration,Spo2 -72%,BVM and nasal cannula brought upto 100%.Intubated on the scene.Hypotensive on scene Chief Complaints Head injury Vitals BP -60/40,HR -62,Spo2 -72%,RR -24 Physical Examination GCS -M2E1V1,B/l Pupils blown. Diagnosis INTERPRET CT HEAD BRAIN? Management Managed as per ATLS protocol.Poor prognosis explained to relatives by neurosurgeon.



global severe neuronal trauma.. aggressive intensive care and hope for the best..nil surgical work needed

Dear Dr Vedan. Probably you meant compound fracture of skull.Major traumatic head injury and not compound head injury. Multiple fracture frontal temporal and parietal bone with significant subgslual swelling. Blood in the interhemispheric fissure left sylvian fissure lateral ventricle and 4th ventricleand tentorium cetebelli. Tiny dot like hyoerdensitity diffusely in the patenchyma left temporal and frontal more suggestive of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Treatment point of view nothing much to offer.

Valuable opinion

Traumatic Bain Injury, Depressed Left Parietals kull bone fracture, Advice Neuro opinion, MRI

Traumatic Brain Injury, Skull fracture with pneumocephalus adv. neuro opinion , plan MRI,

Left side dislaced skull bone#(2 places) with internal brain injury. Unfortunately Prognosis seems not so good . Neurosurgeon opinion needed for further needful. Follow all the protocols of Head Injury up to 72 hrs.

Left calvarium fracture with hemorrhagic contusion with significant edema Brain stem appears hypodense ? Hypoxemic injury Although with such a young age, decompression craniotomy can be done with explaining poor prognosis

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