13 day old female neonate with blanching erythematous nodules and periorbital ecchymoses from birth, both parents are recently diagnosed HIV positive. Aside from fever which started 2 days after birth and eye discharge she's otherwise normal. Mother had yellowish vaginal discharge at 7 months GA, she denies history of any rash during pregnancy. consent for skin biopsy yet to be gotten from the parents.what is the likely diagnosis?

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Most probable cause for yellowish discharge in the mother capable of causing a eye discharge in the neonate Chlamydia Gonorrhoea Streptococcal ( Gp B) Erythematosus nodules could be a reaction to the presence of infection Proper check up of the mother for the type of infection Gram stain of the eye discharge DD - Syphilis varicella

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Look for IUGR, organomegaly, jaundice, thrombocytopenia. congenital HIV is usully asymptomatic or severe embryopathy is rare. Other TORCH group infection to be looked for. Yellowish discharge can be due to gonococcal( within 48hrs) or chlamydia(usually after 5 days of life).

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Isnt it blue berry muffin lesions seen in congenital rubella.its serology should be done.

Yellowish dis charge may be bacterial vaginosis or pelvic inflammatory discharge

Immunocomromised complications

?congenital HIV INF

The skin manifestations are a part of congenital HIV INFECTION or secondary to immunodeficiency which may cause opportunistic organisms mainly fungal infections and herpes zoster and herpes simplex etc.

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Congenital HIV inf.

Hiv infection