13 year old boy with bowel sounds audible over the chest... Etiology ?



13 years Child. Bowel sounds + over the chest region. Needs History like since what Age or Time Bowel sounds are Audible. Becoz, DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIAS ARE CONGENITAL IN ORIGIN. HERE THE CASE 13 YEARS !!. DX : DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA LEFT SIDE.

Hiatus hernia.

Eventration of left dome of diaphragm...

Hiatus hernia

Unrecognised Lt diaphragmatic hernia (Bochdelac hernia) Confirm diagnosis by 1 , pass an RT and get a cxr chest to confirm RT tip in chest.. 2 hrct thorax If diagnosis is confirmed will need thoracotomy and repair of hernia.

Hello all , Yes this is a case of diaphragmatic hernia Thank you

Was it operated? What is the intra op findings , please let us know?

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Diaphragmatic hernia.

Eventration of Lt diaphragm

Hiatus hernia

Hiatus hernia Need repair@Dr. Kandukuri Mahesh Kumar

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