13 year old male child presented with hypopigmented patches over trunk and lower limbs. skin biopsy.



Section shows epidermis and dermis. Dermis shows collagen and occasional skin appendages. Macrophage collection around the appendages and discrete. No granuloma seen. O/f/s/o- leprosy ? Borderline lepromatous leprosy ? Borderline tuberculoid Adv: Fite fereco stain.

Histiocytic granuloma around adnexae & nerve bundles.*Leprosy - Leoromatous .Advised Fite Faraco stain.

Section shows dermis and epidermis. Dermis shows skin appendages and clusters of foamy macrophages along with collagen fibers. No granulommas are seen. O/f/s/o- lepromatous leprosy. Adv- fite ferraco stain

features s/o lepromatous leprosy

The pictures seem to be hazy. Still it shoas a granuloma consisting of a few foam cells and Langhans' giant cell. I think the diagnosis should lie between BT and BB.

LL Hansens

dermo-epidermal junction is free from lymphocytic infiltration. Presence of macrophages around neuronal bundles favour lepromatous leprosy.

In favor of lepromatous leprosy. However requires index of lepra bacilli with fite ferraco

lepromatous Ieprosy..

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