13/yr old girl having this type of lesione since 15days Itching+ , no other compline Plz give your valuable Dx tx ....



Perichondritis pinna/fungal infection

Infected fungal infection

Viral eruptions-probably herpes.Tab acyclovir 800mg 5 times daily for 1 week.

This is not herpes

Give sulphur 30 tds & oint. Sulphur with oint graphitis apply external

seems to be viral eruption pt should be on acyclovir. therapy

Perichondritis sec to a fungal infection / R/O melanoma

Pericondritis pinna ? sebaceous cyst may be infected

Sebaceous cyst of pinna. Treatment is excision

Fungal infection with infected sebaceous cyst

Perichondritis iv antibiotic nsaid

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