13y/F How to management Hysterical condition Kindly suggest


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Psycriatrist's opinion is very important to treat the patient Psychotherapy is also needed. Behavioral abnormality disorder is to be assessed However Fluoxetin 10mg daily after breakfast may be considered

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Refer the patient to the Psychiatrist for good History taking & MSE. Then this condition along with any other accompanying condition can be treated. Also refer to the Clinical Psychologist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Proper History is very important. Reassurance Refer to psychiatrist..

Hysterical condition Rest& isolation is treatment Attention seeking so don't neglect placibo must

Take history in brief About relation with husband, family members, kids and relatives and adv meditation and Traquilizer

Placebo therapy

give symptom relief by stimulation. try to find out secondary gain. give higher dose of anti anxiety tabs now and casative tt infollow up

Pyschiatrist consultation Pyschotherapy

Consult Psychiatrist for evaluation and need to start with CBT with therapist and medications to be start after evaluation is done.