13y/o boy having this lump since last 15 days a/w pain



Infection sebaceous cyst Incision and drainage followed by excision of cyst after 1 month

Why after 1 month sir? What is the problem to excise during I & D?

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Infected sebaceous cyst. Incision and drainage.

Infected sebaceous cyst, incision and drainage.

Infected sebaceous cyst. Incision and drainage

Infected sebaceous cyst I & D with antibiotic coverage .. removal of cyst with sac preferably done later because of recurrance due to adhesions

sebaceous cyst

Infected sebaceous cyst. I & D or incision and excision of cyst with curretage

Infected cyst or a lipoma.

Abscess.adv iand d

Sebaceous cyst I &D

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