14 days old full term with feeding difficulty and purulent discharge from gum. 1 to 1.5 ml pus came out after squizing with gentle pressure. i am wondering about what complications regarding dentition he may have? diagnosis? Rx?



may had acquired local infection from mother while feeding on infected nipple/breast or contaminated pacifier put in mouth...

Bacterial infection in oral cavity from unhygienic condition of breast or inadequate hygiene of infants oral cavity.

Infection and abscess in the alveolar region developed in the neonatal period due to bad hygiene.

safatika bhsma with honey be painted inside the mouth. Arvindasava orally. Kumar kalyan ras+amla+vidang choorna with honey twice daily.

bhasma? it can be given to new born?

Probably any infection thorough birth passage.does mother have any significant history particularly of infections.

Vit k, with antibiotics drop, adv. For maintaining hygiene. Some time congenital tooth present below gingiva. Palpate and cheek,

due to unhygienic feeding practice mother must explained about healthy feeding practice

Most likely infection in abrasion due to friction ulcer

Dental ulceration

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