14 month old boy with recurrent chest infections, heres the ecg, what do you think? A.TOF B.HOCM C.ASD D.Arythmogenic RVH


There cant be isolated RVH with ASD. Can be TOF. Recurrent chest infections due to hypoxic spells

Presentation is of L to R shunt. TOF does not present during early age and presents with cyanotic spells while HOCM with syncope attacks and dyspnoe and ECG showing features of ventricular hypertrophy. so ans is ASD.

Recurrent Chest infections 14 months suggest increased pulmonary blood flow. So out of above conditions ASD is a possibility with ECG shown. Can u please send a clear ECG? I can't zoom the ECG..

Recurrent chest infection suggests R->L shunt or cyanotic heart disease with increased pulmonary blood flow. So from the above options ASD is the best answer.

How can recurrent chest infection suggest right to left shunt? It should be increased pulmonary blood flow... so Left to right shunt

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ECG is WNL with sinus tachycardia. ECG give that much information. For all above option echo cardiography is the gold standard of investigation.

Can't ruled out stractural heart dieases be ecg

Although chest leads are not very clear but high voltage QRS complexes , indicates me it as HOCM with tachycardia of course .Auscultation will be very very important in this case . Dr.RaJesh GOPAL

As per ecg it's RVH. Recurrent chest infection and RVH IN a 14 months old boy TOF is most likely but how did he doesn't have a cyanotic spell?

Out of these options ASD is best possible answer.

Arrhythmogenic rhd is most likely.

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