14 year f child admited with sudden history of generalised jurkey movements of upper limb and lower limb, was in status epilepticus intubated with rapid sequence atracurium propofol , bp 120/70 prophylactic put on single strenth noradrenalin, received 70 mg propofol for 50 kg child n still she was moving, all basic lab are normal, no any past history nighter in child hood case update csf clear, EEG normal sedation weaning off



Sir do MRI brain if normal please do CSF what about EEG. Possiblity of Status epilepticus

Mri b normal, csf normal It was case of grandmal epilepsy

Status epileticus protocol should b followed.. Epsilon 16cc slowly.. If not respond... 8cc..of epsilon.. Can b repeated.. Intermittently use llrazepam... If not then... Phenobarb... Then.. Levera or valparin

Initiated with loraz 4 mg, levipil 1gm loading fosolin 1 gm loaded, loraz 2 mg repeated still seizures continued propofol loaded n to secure intubated tjen seizure stoped confirmed with EEG, so continued with midaz infusion fo 12 hours

Grandmal epilepsy

Whether anh froath coming from mouth or urine had passed or not

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Its a case of Grandmal epilepsy ..

Epilepsy GTC. Start aed +dexona&fuc Mri (brain) EEG

Why dexona, do u really feel it is not at all infective ???

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