14 years female c/o soft swelling on lateral side of foot for years...



Medial malliolar Bursitis. A ganglion is a solid lesion over atendon sheath that has mobility scross but not along the long axis of the tendon. The gangion can chose any where on dorsum of foot where as site favours medial malleolar bursitis.

Tendons of evertors of talonavicular joint pass through same.area hence the priority of ganglion

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Implantation dermoid

Dermoid cyst, advised excision and histopathology.

Colour of lesion is not in favour of my earlier diagnosis and so also the crcumscribed ( ? painless) shiny look. Could it be syno xanthoma ..? Biopsy. Not tendon canthoma which is yellowish lobulated swelling seen in familial hypercholesremia...incresd LDL cholesterol.

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? Ganglion. Advised excision

Adventitious bursitis Implantation Dermoid

Ganglion /cyst

Adventitious bursitis Implantation dermoid

Ganglion. Wide bore needle aspiration. If not successful, excise. Sometimes recurs after excision

Either advantious bursa or ganglion needs excisional biopsy

Gangloin try Aspiration if not excise it

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