14 years female with complaints of chest pain. with history of Fever 10days back. bp 90/60. no other complaints. kindly opine


What r investigations d girl under went?At her age it could be due to Myalgia.Since u d other symptom is fever ,if it related to LET infection it could be due to Plurasy.U dint mention since how many days d fever was there ,What is d graph of d fever.Has d fever responded to any antibiotics given

H/of fever ...assumed that today's afebrile , may be hypothermic state , fluid level in gastric region , may indicate --- Intestinal obstruction, if otherwise correlate s

Hyperinflation of both lungs Intercostal space widened. Flattening of domes of diaphragm. Cardiac shadow is tubular. COPD--Emphysema.

Heart shadow looks very small ,ecg shows low voltage complexes,blood pressure is low for age Rule out Addisons disease

cxr nad; auscultate and look for additional sounds,look for symptoms of uri/ extra pulmonary symptoms

It's looks like a case of pneumothorax, other ivestigation needed

Give ivf NS bolus with MVI Plenty of oral fluids

Donot over hydrate by iv fluids in respiratory diseases

Left side of the lung shows level , pneumothorax

The level shows gas in fundus, normal.

It may be gastritis, hypocalcemia, weakness etc

X-ray & ECG appears to be normal.

Thanks Dr Abdul Majeed Sir
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