14 yr female with this type of lesion over the throat ,neck , hands , back and other body parts since 6 months. Not associated with fever / itching/ pain. Whats the diagnosis and treatment ??



Acne valgaris Adv USG full abdomen r /o pcos /pcod Thyroid profile, FSH, TESTOTERONE, DHEAS, LH Menstrual history Avoid constipation and indigestion Avoid oily and spicy food egg fish chicken burger fast food pizza etc Intake Plenty of more water Uses Fibres Green leaf vegetables and fruits papaya banana etc Cap doxy 100 mg BD x 15 days Tab Atarax 10 mg tds Cap seacod & Cap Evion 400mg OD Tab bandy plus stat Clin_AD gel Tretinoin cream for LA Keto soap & shampoo

Acne vulgaris. Azithromycin 500mg od Atarax 10mg tds. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply calamine lotion than clindamycin+apelane oint locally. Vit A and E orally and vit E gel locally at bedtime. Avoid spicy and oily food. Good nutritious balanced diet and exercise. Plenty of liquid and regularly wash area throughly. Needs further investigations and evaluation.

Thanks Dr Gurpreet Sidhu.

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Doxt tab Acnesol cream arovit tab Acnesol soap kenacort 4mg tab zyxal tab

Acnesol cream doxt tab arovit tab ketosol soap kenacort 4MG

Body acne/Truncal acne

Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris

Acni vulgaris

Acne vulgaris

Thank you@Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu
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