14 yr / M with severe dextroscoliosis of 3 yrs duration. power in lower limbs 4/5. treatment options?



Young person. Rib hump plus. Adolescent idiopathis scoliosis is usually not so severe. Consider congenital or neuromuscular scoliosis. Xray .CT.MRI evaluation. Measure cob"s angle. Further plan after investigations. Do keep us posted about developments.

I will go for pedicle screws at either end of the scoliosis along with magic rods whose length can be manipulated via a transcutaneous magnetic field. It will save the patient subsequent surgeries and correct the deformity gradually. Although it is costly but the ideal treatment

This is an incomplete post as there are no xrays posted nor is there an MRI of the spine to look for intraspinal anomalies. Assuming this is idiopathic scoliosis, at 14 years of age, what will Magic rods achieve that a simple correction and fusion wont?

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I think he need proper physical and radiological examination before making any decision because kyphoscolitic surgery is a complex surgery. And there is nothing even after I am conditionally agree with @Dr. Jaideep Chandra @Dr. Neeraj Basantani

No images have been posted and although the treatment as suggested by lot of people may be correct but scoliosis surgery is a complex surgery and you need to understand and study the biomechanics of the individual patient and the correction and aim of your surgery becaus just pedicle screws may not be enough and osteotomies may be required. However can not comment about treatment as no images available

I agree with dr @Dr. Neeraj Basantani but heed fr @Dr. Sanjay Kumar s advise as somewhere decompression may be required too. So imaging is important to decide all surgical steps

Pedicle screws and fixation to correct deformity

Kypho scoliosis .Spine surgery by Dr chhabra at vasant kunj spinal centre or any other institution im South

Thank you for the case Sir, the dextroscoliosis has been present since 3 years, has it been progressive .. also does the child still hv a growth spurt pending ? What are the maturity signs that he is showing such as axillary hair, chest hair etc. Power of lower extremity seems good , is the scoliosis making any of his functions problematic ? How severely is breathing compromised ? What are the patients functional expectations from surgery... These answers to be taken into consideration when deciding on surgical intervention. The curve will not benefit much from Physiotherapy alone, but physios can consider working on function and breathing exercises...

Subsequent CT and mri images will follow if the patient turns up and agrees for surgery

Requires imaging before deciding on any treatment options as the patient has neurological deficits!!

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