14 yr old girl came with chronic dull left hypochondriac pain. USG showed multiple splenic hypoechoic lesions, suggestive of metastasis/lymphoma. Peripheral smear provided.



Ps shows sickle cells along with target cells Impression - sickle cell disease Note - hplc to rule out double heterozygous state

*Sickle Cell Anaemia.Advised HPLC.

Smear shows sickle cells and many target cells Impression: sickle cell disease with beta thalassemia Suggestion: HPCL for confirmation

Could we have the opinion of a pathologist first up?

That's good for the pt. At least it's not malignancy.

ps is showing sickle cells { drapanocytes } with plenty of target cells sickle cell anemia - THALASSEMIA adv. HB ELECTROPHORISIS

sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell disease

Sickle thalassemia

sickle cell anemia with many target cells. BETA Thalassemia

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