14 yrs f {42 kg }presenting chest pain, hemoptysis while coughing ,fever =5days please interpret cxr and suggest ur valuable opinions



Sugg CECT thorax to see vascular and parenchymal details. Possibly PAE, Koch's, viral flu bronchiectasis and irritating cough can cause chest pain,hemoptysis and fever. Quantity of hemoptysis is also matters. So needs to be diagnose properly and further management accordingly.

Hyperinflated lung field as 8 intercostal spaces are seen . Possibility of viral infection causing wheezy bronchitis leading to irritating cough causing min haemoptysis is possible. What are the auscultation findings ? How is CBC, SGPT , PT PTTK INR. Is he a stable patient or sick one . It's always difficult to diagnose on the basis of just xray . We need to analyse the whole clinico pathologic - radiologic picture & then come to conclusions .

As it now given xray is normal search somewhere else or followup

Thanx dr Vedprakash Sharma

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X ray normal haemoptysis can be present in bronchitis but CBC ESR gene expert 3 sputum AFB 3 days Aug 625 TDs 10 ml qds corex dicyene500 tds

Chest scan NAD.

I agree all are not spot diagnosis by xray Or labs .Without history /relevant findings.. Description of problem here ( hemoptysis). May I ask what was your clinical diagnosis Before deciding about CXR?Any CBC? Any way to me CXR is burnt xray..over exposed..But still no missing pathology. I dont think hyperinflation.I dont think RAD presents with hemoptysis.Streak of blood in sever cold while blowing nose Every body knows..even lay people..that does not warrant CXR.Cardiac causes.. MS without left atrial enlargement presence Is too much of strectched thinking.Epistaxis Swallowed blood (hemetemesis)can misguide.Anyway ..I think it is you probably In driver seat ..to decide about possible cause..knowing thorough history/exam and labs.If some thing turns out please share it with us. Thanks

There are no short cuts to make a difficult diagnosis...there is no need to sweat for straight forward simple diagnosis.. presenting atypically...for whatever diagnosis..history is the foundation.. Unless you have classical lab or investigational evidence which overide clinical diagnosis.. This is not definitely one of radiological diagnosis..a bad burnt X-ray film.. When we deal with respiratory disease.. RR/auscultatory findings..percus Soon if necessity in 1 or 2 lines makes a case easy...this is not a secrecy.. open secrets is we jump without wings and try to fly...without proper clinical presentation.. One has to beat around the bush..

Overexposed Xray... looks normal.... probably viral LRTI

Overexposed film. Difficult to interpret .Repeat X-ray Chest

Normal C X R pt might have epistaxis revluate

Tnx Dr Akhilesh Singh
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