Procedure of Aschyotana

The person should lie on a cot in a place devoid of breeze. His eyes should be opened with the left hand of the physician. The medicine dispenser, either a seashell or a wick is held in the right hand of the physician just two Angulas (finger width) above the inner angle of the eye (inner canthus). 10 – 12 drops of the medicated liquid are put into the eye. Afterwards the eyes should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Mild fomentation is given with a piece of cloth dipped in warm water in disorders of Kapha and Vata. In disorders due to blood and Pitta vitiation, the eyes are mopped with a cloth dipped in cold water. 2 – 4 Very hot and strong medicinal drops lead to pain, redness and loss of vision; Very cold drops produce pricking pain, loss of movement of eye balls and discomfort; Excess therapy produces roughness of the lids, friction and difficulty in opening of the lids; Inadequate (less) therapy leads to worsening of the diseases, increase of swelling, redness and absence of lacrimation. 5 – 6. The medicine dropped into the eye, entering into the channels of the joints (fornices of the eyes), head, nose and face, eliminates the imbalanced Doshas which have localized in the upper parts of the body.