53 year pt with white growth .biopsy taken.opg showed very small bone recession.Here I'm posting this case for increasing our knowledge via CUROFY.HISTOPATHOLOGY examination results very very uncomm diagnosis in oral cavity.it's not C A or precancerous lessions which are commonly in ORAL CAVITY so please share knowledge for diagnosis.and rx plan

Leukoplakia, white sponge nevus ., kindly elicit detailed substance abuse !!
thanks all dear friends now here I'm giving histopathology results for this case is KERATOACANTHOSIS &PAPILLOMATOSIS WITH PSEUDO HORN CYST
the white lession should be hypertrophic candidasis or leukoplakia or rarely electrogalvanic reaction.consider frictional keratosis
sun exposure and dermal lesion.. hmm.. then my guess is psoriasis or atopic dermatitis (here could call mucositis ;) )
Thinking on terms of very very uncommon in oral cavity..have they givenit as plasma cell granuloma
It's a guess...Is it actinic keratosis ??
Dentigerous cyst left.
Pyogenic granuloma
fungal infection.
dear Dr you are near to diagnose but it's not hyperkaratosis it's very uncommon histopathology results.it's generally in derma ...by over sun exposure but unfortunately occurred in oral cavity

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