14yrs/m with pain & swelling of Rt knee joint-2days, no fever, vitals normal. o/e tenderness and swelling Rt knee+ with small healing injury+ Dx & Rx

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dd : ac/ sub ac. septic arthritis, reactive artheitis,ac rheumatic fever , pauci articular JRA. Inx : blood for tc,dc,esr,crp,RA factor,anti ccp, uric acid,ASO titre. xray knee diagnistic arthrocentesis- microbiological and biochemical analysis, c/s of aspirate. Tt: rest, ice pack, nsaids, serrtiopeptidase and enzyme preparation , broad sprectum antibiotic coverage.

2 days duration, H/o injury so it may be Post traumatic inflammation, R/o fracture/ligament or meniscal injury. Then think of arthritis, ARF... Investigation, Rx as advised by @Dr. Animesh Majhi

Basically we r having arthritis of right knee. 1. Rule out rheumatic especially if it's tender. Watch for migratory nature and response to ASPIRIN Other dds JIA - but the duration s too less (need at least 6 weeks to diagnose) Septic - but there s no fever.

Most common d/d of an acute onset large joint swelling in a young male is reactive arthritis , septic arthritis or undifferentiated spondyloarthritis. Unfortunately history again becomes a major differentiator rather than investigations.


can be traumatic synovitis, reactive arthritis or rheumatic. investigate as suggested by Dr animesh majhi

Injury Knee joint, one has to treat the injury with Analgesics, work up with X-RAY. R/O FRACTURE. D/D : SEPTIC ARTHRITIS. RX : ACORDINGLY.

I shall also like to exclude hemarthrosis, may be secondary to hemophilia.

I agree with Dr.R Khan.

Injury mark is there so, it may be traumatic effusion or sub acute septic arthritis????

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