15 day old injury with soft tissue swelling. Has also had a previous intraarticular injury as can be appreciated from looking at the elbow arthritis. Suggested management?


Pt had bony ankylosis may be because of myositis ossificance or infection Resection arthroplasty at present and elbow replacement after skeletal maturity can be tried Or arthrodesis in functional position

this fracture can be taken as an opportunity to fix elbow in a functional position, if elbow joint was fixed before.

what is the age of the patient is it open or closed, what is the status of nerves, which side?? what is the occupation of the pt

it is a case of course Fracture dislocation of elbow best is open reduction

I'm afraid It is not so. If you look closely, the Patients elbow joint is ankylosed. This is not an obvious fracture dislocation that one comes across in the emergency. It's a case of distal humerus fracture in a patient with a post traumatic fused elbow. The treatment that can be considered is allowing the fracture itself to develop into a pseudoarthrosis and thereby a functional elbow!

it's # dislocation, so better is go open reduction

As elbow is having already arthritic changes ,so just reduce #, and fix percutaneously by JESS,

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