15 days avo patient com wid abdominal pain im giV him Cyston tab and alka 5 support ( character pharma ) is there any difference VB first and second report?



There is no difference b/w the two reports.Hydronephrosis due to back pressure changes may be there no doubt Beside Cystone one can have a clinical trial of Defcort -TM but possibility is less due to calculus of 9 mm as suggested by sonographic finding But invariably PCNL is suggested Thanks and regards Dr Shah

The stone is small and can be broken easily. PCNL is the last surgrical option for complicated cases.

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Stone has moved towards ureter causing hydronephrosis, give hazralyahood bhasm to break the stone or cystone with beer. Shoolvajrini vati for pain. Chandraprabha vati+ gokshuradi guggul with punarnava kwath. Sukhvirechan and vaatanulaoman at night.

These 2 reports r 2 3 yr old. Do fresh one . Then can strt with medicine. By seeing old reports n giving medicine it will create ruckus. In these yrs some changes have happened

@Dr. Divya Sharma (Ayu) could you please RE-WRITE the name of the ...."hazra...bhasma...Is bear only Anupana....no other option

Hazrul Yahood bhasm ( Pitt kaph), Kullathi kashayam ( vaat kapha), yavashar and Palash kshar, pashan- bhedadi churna are few preparations that break the stones. Hazrul Yahood bhasm -250 to 500 mg BD in divided doses a day with lukewarm water only or water and milk in the ratio of (3:1).

Sir, only hydronephrosis is resolved.frm PUJ calculi shifted to renal pelvis.repots r same.Agree with Dr Divya Sharma mam line of treatment

Both report are almost same . But second report showing hydronephosis. Please advise hot fomentation . Add Hydrangea A Q( 15 drops tid).

Hajral yuhd bhsm1ogm shvet parpati10gm trivikram ras5gm yavkshar5gm mix all divide in 40 doses give tds with water

Transfuse 3 liter of RL speedly for moving the stone with extra care It will be very helpful to move the stone

Give plenty of water. With Bazoori Motadil and cystone syrp. Stone has actually moved towards ureter.

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