15 days old male baby.. developed this skin lesion since last 3 days.. kindly suggest dx n rx.

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Synthetic material clothes should be avoided

Allergic dermatitis use calosoft lotion twice daily

Allergic dermatitis. Emollient locally.

Allergic Dermatoses.


Allergic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis

Erythema toxicum neonatorum


mam actuly his mother is admitted in hospital for tubal ligation since 3 days.. she noticed this yesterday. first appeared on trunk and then on whole body...icthing may b present as baby is restless and crying continuously since last 2 days. rest there is no specific history available.

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@Dr. Vikramsing Ghogale Milaria Pustulosa Avoid further sweatingEven if this is achieved for only a few hours a day, as in an air-conditioned office or bedroom, considerable relief is experienced. For the very susceptible person a move away from tropical climates may be essential.Do not irritate the skinAvoidance of excessive clothing, friction from clothing, excesssive soap and contact of the skin with irritants will reduce the liability to miliaria. Shirts and blouses should be made of the new breathable synthetic fabrics where available, otherwise of cotton.Cool water compressesand good ventilation will soothe inflamed areas.Calamine lotionCalamine is probably as effective as anything for relief of discomfort, but because of its drying effect an emollient may subsequently be required.Topical steroidsFor more marked cases, mildtopical steroidsoften give reasonable relief of symptoms while natural resolution of the condition is awaited.AntisepticsAntiseptics and antistaphylococcalantibioticscan combat bacterial overgrowth.

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