15 male recurrent swelling over foot. previous excision biopsy report done outside was suggestive of skin adnexal neoplasm. fnac smears for your opinion

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Cellular smears, increased vascularity, diffuse sheets of discohesive small round cells with faint blackish pigment. Malignant Neoplasm. DDs : ES- EWS/ PNET. ERMS. * Small cell variant of Malignant Melanoma( PAS can be positive - Rare at this age) Advised incision biopsy.

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Malignant small round cell tumour ? Synovial sarcoma

D/D- 1.Ewing's Sarcoma 2. PNET 3.GCT 4.Synovial Sarcoma 5.NHL -Clinical evaluation,biopsy and IHC for needful.

Having pleomorphic cells high cellularity mostly ewing's sarcoma Biopsy and further work required

Small round cell tumor. Probably PNET/SOFT TISSUE EWINGS SA.

Thank you doctors for your valuable opinions. This case is reported as malignant small round cell tumor with the possibility of extraskeletal ES/PNET. PAS came positive.

Round cell tumor Soft tissue PNET without bony involvement

Malignant round cell tumor. Possibly PNET DIFF DIAGNOSIS Lymphoma RMS ADV Biopsy IHC WORK UP


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