15 y/o presented with fever first, now rash, not pruritic. what could it be.. what all diagnostic test to be done and how to treat?



Seems purpuric spots.. Any h/o joint pain, Abd pain or gi hemorrhage.. Do CBC, PBF, ESR, CRP, MP, Dengue, RFT, LFT, Urine complete, complement level... It may be viral hemorrhagic fvr, HSP, ITP/TTP..

These Purpuric skin lesions looks like : HSP. D/D : Thrombocytopenic Purpuric rash. Viral feverz liKe DHF, Rocky mou tain fever. Work up : CBP, PERIPHERAL SMEAR, SERUM CREATININE, CO-AGULATION PROFILE. CUE. OCCULT BLOOD STOOL.

Though not a expert and much less experienced against the esteemed panelist but these rashes don't appear purpuric , many of the lesions have white center and redness is only circumferential in them, purpuric spots never appear like that

It could be Coxsackie virus infection HFMD

15 year age can not be overlooked for HFMD...though typical.... Child must be investigated and thoroughly examined for any other condition

But lesions over palms n soles circumferential wit central clearing

Agree with dr manish rash is purpuric follow same.

This is riketcell fever wells felix test should be done

Lesions over legs appear purpuric

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