15 year old boy with c/o Non healing ulcer above ankle joint.What should be the Mx ??


colour doppler venous system get done, it is most probably varicose ulcer give antibiotic and anti inflammatory as per culture, foot end elevation after edema subside go for varicose vein surgery--> stripping and ligation

is it possible to have vericocity at the age of 15yrs,sir? just for the knowledge i am asking?

u asked correct question sir.... hw come a young guy be have a vericose....

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It is only an infected wound that needs a complete wound Care. Intravenous antibiotics must be give with local cover.

Cleaning & debridement, antibiotics, restrict movements of ankle joint.

Venous non healing ulcer Dm Xray to r/0 osteomyelitis Debriment of wound Aug 625 bd Vit c tds

Varicose ulcer, cleaning & debridement, antibiotics.

Test for vascular insufficiency. Palpate dorsalis pedis artey. See nail bed by pressure, to see how much time it takes for pink colour to reappear. Bloo glucose estimation. Doppler Study for vercose veins and arterial sufficiency. Pus C&S. Antibiotics, Vasodilators , magsulf and antibiotic daily dressing.

thnx sir

may be Hansen's dis. Look for nerve thickning and pin prick test .

he has ssensation

go for venous doppler , debridment daily by dressing use t bact ointment

venous Doppler prepare the bed systemic corrective measures immobilization followed by ssg local growth factors if essential

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venous ulcer, get doppler report

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