15 year old female has these small lesions on knuckles only.Started in one finger and gradually involved knuckles of all the fingers within few months.No other symptom.For last three years ,no change seen.No itching,pain or increase in size.The lesions have irregular margins,and soft to touch.Kindly let me know what is the diagnosis.



Hyperkeratoderma,treament option includes use of emmolient,keratolytic agent like salysilic acid ,antifungal oint.or tablet,topical tetinoid.keratoderma is not curable but symptoms can be controlled

Callosities/ Hyperkeratoderma

ruleout herpes whitlow

Callosities Hyperkeratoderma

Xanthoma plz do skin biopsy


Callosities/ hyperkeratodrma

Xanthoma.do lipid fro file on empty stoch


We need to rule out gout and rheumatoid arthritis then think of other thinks like callositits

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