15 yr old girl complaining of loss of vision right eye. H/o trivial trauma right eye 6-8 months before.



Good evening 1. she has cataract in her eye 2. trauma can not be trivial 3. I would advise to ask for B scan to rule out retinal detachment 4. If retina is OK then we can operate her under GVP

Zonular dehiscence should be checked .. CTR should be made available before surgery

looks like a partially absorbed cataractous lens. 1. dilate and look for any capsule remnants and zonular dialysis. 2. USG bscan to look for any posterior segment abnormality If bag remnant present then simple lens aspiration with PCIOL implantation

Traumatic cataract with posterior synechia . Rx : cataract aspiration with p c iol implantation by surgery.

possibly traumatic cataract, needs ECCE with IOL implantation

Traumatic cataract .

traumatic cataract

traumatic cataract

traumatic cataract

Traumatic cataracr with post synechia . Examine pl/pr and HM ,IOP , B scan. If these findings are normal under prior steroid cover ,dilate the pupil manually gently remove the synechia to make space for capsulorhexis followed by low power phaco and mainly aspiration irrigation mode and place the IOL in the bag Strict flollow up for post operative inflamation

lenticular opacity. ..traumatic cataract. do scanning & other inv. for vitreous haemorrhage & to rule out traumatic retinal detachment. also check intra-ocular pressure as bleeding can raise intra-ocular pressure

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