15052018 Ddx SSSS 4 month old 4 kg female admitted with c/o excessive pruritus,peeling and scaling of skin,periferal oedema?,poor weight gain and poor feeding and irritability Vitals WNL DDX SSSS/Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis Inj vancomycin,ceftazidime,oflox,clindamycin,topical moisturizer given kindly add ddx and management 18/05/2018 discharged today




What about sepsis profile?. It seems to be a case of severe ICHTHYOSIFORM ERYTHRODERMA

Attached blood tests sir Thanks for your valuable reply

It is severe case of Chthyosiform Erythroderma.. Do CBC, BLOOD CULTURE . TRY CLOXACILLIN ANTIBIOTICES.

Ichthyosis Seborrheic dermatitis. Adv. Sepsis profile.

classic netherton syndrome,correct malnutrition and sepsis first.too much antibiotics,use coconut oil.check hair for trichorrhexis nodosa.useful clue

Ichthyosisis vulgaris Seborrheic Dermititis


Why so many antibiotics Cloxacillin would be sufficient See the response after 2 or 3 days Have you sent blood test including bl. Culture before I.v antibiotics


Send septic profile.......SOME SKIN DISORDER .......ICTHYOSIS

Treatment for sepsis

Netherton syndrome. Sepsis screen and CSF examination to be done and treated accordingly. Judicious use of antibiotics a must.Treatment is moist compresses, oral antihistaminics and topical steroids

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