Overweight pregnant female, How to manage?

This is not my case but i want to discuss: A 27 y/o pregnant woman has been overweight since her childhood. Multiple endocrinological assessments did not confirm hormonal disease. She has suffered from moderate bronchial asthma since her childhood but she did not have any other diseases. She did not have metabolic syndrome since the laboratory tests performed one year before she became pregnant did not indicate this (lack of insulin resistance, se. Cholesterol 5.3 mmol/L (ref. 3.9–5.2), se. HDL 2.0 mmol/L (0.9−), se LDL 2.5 mmol/L (0.1–3.4), se. Triglyceride 1.7 mmol/L (0.5–2.3)). Her cycles were regular; she became pregnant in the 4th cycle without contraception. At this time her bodyweight was approximately 174 kg; uxor was 62 kg. Her data showed that the pregnancy progressed normally; oral glucose tolerance test performed at week 27 confirmed normal carbohydrate metabolism (after administration of 75 g carbohydrate her blood glucose level was 5.0–7.8–6.4 mmol/L).Her blood pressure was 150/100 mm Hg at admission but no proteinuria was found. Anesthesia procedure? Will there be any difference in the management of the case? will there be complications?

Explain the risk of thromboembolism Anaesthesia complications. Clexane 0.4 ml sc od prophylaxis. Fetal growth monitoring. Repeat OGTT at 32 weeks. Review. At term assess pelvis as there is tendency of fat depostion in soft tissues of pelvis. Explain about the condition to couple
Her main problem is wt that may cause anaesthesia and surgical complications. Sugar and blood pressure to be monitored carefully normal del better option
BP and proteinuria need constant watch. What about thyroid profile. Nothing special except this

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