Is there any effective family planning medicines and foulations available in AYUSH system?


As far as I know there is nothing such in ayush. Either the husband can go for family planning operation which is a day care procedure or they can use the Safe Cycle Method and Male contraception.
1. Harad: Take 40 grams of myrabalan seeds (seeds, kernels) and mix sugar candy in it. Taking it for three days completely eliminates the possibility of pregnancy.
This one is permanent solution instead of family planning operation right doctor.when she needs to consume it is there any particular timing like during cycle or after cycle or anytime or after the delivery ?
Natural family planning (or "fertility awareness") is a method of contraception where a woman monitors and records different fertility signals during her menstrual cycle to work out when she's likely to get pregnant.
Family Planning is an Umbrella Term, Yes AYUSH can help in Family Planning, If you are specifically talking about the contraceptive drugs then yes we have few Classical Drugs but they need scientific evaluation
Kindly Can u telle the classical drugs names doctor.

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रोगी का पूरा व्योरा भेजे जिसमें निदान हेतु विचार किया जा सके।
Yes...but first pt details history
Female age 30yrs .with one female baby and male baby.she don't want to go for family planning operation ,she need solution from our AYUSH system .kindly share briefly what medicine or formulation and how to consume it .

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