a 45 yr old lady shi is suffring form excessive vaginal itching with whitish patches on vagina with painful coitus , Menses r regular , no white discharg .....what would be t/t .......


It may be due to pre menopausal harmonal changes....Yoni prakshalan with trifla quath...because itching is more prominent and trifla is tridosh shamak....after drying... Local application of karanjadi oil (shodhan)at morning times and jatyadi ghrit at night..because whitish patches are due to vitiated kapha..(ropan).jatyadi ghrit promot healing....internal use of khadirarist +sarivadyasava.....gandhakvati n kaishore gugulu...also think abt leukoplakia....pre malignant condition.... So go for biopsy... Thanks Dr Adhikari for keeping me in mind....
thnku so mch mam for keeping me in mind ......i also thought about leukoplakia......pre malignant condition .....nd i advise for biopsy also

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45 year old / pruritis vulva / white patches in vagina / dyspareunia / regular cycles / No white discharge / since 4 years. Differential diagnosis can be 1 ) Lichen planus. 2 ) Lichen sclerosis . 3 ) Vitiligo. 4 ) Psoriasis . 5 ) Infective vulvo vaginitis = Here it cannot be infective as there is no white discharge. She needs to be seen by a dematologist.
bt she want only ayurvedic t/t bcoz he has take allopathic t/t since 3 yr... mam plz suggest confirm diagnosis.....
Tab.Bangshil(Alarsin) 2 tab.tds Neem+Triphala xvhurna +lukewarm water prakshalana twice or thrice a day.. Mahamanjisthadi kadha 3 tsp tds And go for pre-probiotics cap/tab. Orally twice a day V-Gel(Himalaya) application locally after washing with above said water.. Do continue this treatment for 3 months .. definitely u will get a result..
Tab - Itrajet 100 (Itracanazole) /OD 14 day Tab - Doxy 100mg / OD 1 month चांद्रकळरस 2 - 2 खादीरारीष्ठ + मंजिस्टआदी काढा 20 ml / अपान काळी त्रिफळा क्वाथा योनी धावणं Maintain hygiene by patient and their couple also.
T.gandhak rasayan 2 bd, arogyabardhini vati 2 bd , syp nibolin. 2 tsf bd ,khadirarist 20 ml bd with same quantity water , was with sfatic water twice a day ,vaginal pichu with mahamarichyadi tail ,
Trichomonas vaginalis infection. Start. Doxycycline(100) OD× 5days Tinidazol(500) OD for ×5days Febrex(500)1/2 BD for×5days Luck 1 TID × 5days
Regular virechan Prakshalan with panchanimbadi kwath Application of shatdhaut ghrit Gandhakadi vati Haridrakhand Khadirarishta
Panchavalkala or Triphala kwath wash. Rule out constipation, krimikutar rasa Jatyadi taila application. V rins gel application
Maybe menopausal symptom.. Yoni prakshalanam with triphalA and yoni picu with jathyadi ghrta can be useful
Madam, it could be due to candida, or low estrogen which causes vaginal dryness Any history of Diabetes?
no dm n also no dryness of vagina , n also thyroid n bp r nrml ..
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